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收藏(0)Cup making machine operation specification

Cup making machine operation specification

1. Purpose

To standard the operation process, operators to master the technological process

2. Application

Making cup process and using for cup making machine

3. Content

3.1 Making cup produce process introduction

3.1.1 Place the sheet

3.1.2 Press the feeding sheet button

3.1.3 Press the button to automatic feeding and blow cup

3.1.4Stretching forming


3.1.6Cups separate from mould

3.1.7Blow cup

4 Operations

4.1 Before starting up

4.1.1Checking whether there is any leakage of air or water

4.1.2 Add oil to the move parts

4.1.3Clear up the machine and surroundings

4.2 Starting up

4.2.1 Press power supply: hotkey button and start cooling

4.2.2 Prepare sheet and confirm feeding distance according to the mould width

4.2.3Increasing heating cabinet temperature to set temperature and ready to set-up air valve.

4.2.4Wipe the periphery of the sheet with brush or cloth, and place the sheet on the supporting rack. Sheet width is suitable with the end of the chain width.

4.2.5Start automatic feeding sheet, observing it through heating cabinet to know the speed. To prevent caused by the slowly speed heating sheet too much time and cause sheet fall down electric cabinet and easily fire. Too fast speed may cause uneven heating and sheet fall off, also easily wear the chain. Start automatic button when sheet reaches near the mould.

4.2.6Set and confirm the running speed, carefully observe every cup (forming, cup rim, cup body, bottom thickness. Transparency, etc) and adjust the temperature and mechanical control according to the real situation.

4.3 Temperature recognition

4.3.1Lower temperature: not good forming, no clear angle, soft bottom and higher transparency.

4.3.2Higher temperature: very clear and sting edge, soft cup body, bad transparency, thinner cup rim, harder bottom.

4.4 Adjust temperature

Adjusting temperature controller to rise or drop the sheet heating. Upper and lower heating cabinet of hydraulic cup making machine is placed from left to right, generally adjust among 1-2degree centigrade( Actual analysis of different machines)

4.5 Operation key point

Often observe the forming quality of products, adjust the stretching. Stretching head too low may produce harder bottom of the cup, too high may softer the bottom. If suddenly power-off cause stop running or slower feeding sheet must immediately pull out the heating cabinet and turn off the auto-switch. (To prevent the sheet heating too long and fall off the heating cabinet, burning and pollution) timely find out the cause or find the mechanist directly.

In process of production, if there is an emergency, such as foreign subject or trouble of the mould, firstly to turn off the power and close air-valve to release the pressure.

4.6 Stop the machine

4.6.1 After operation, first to turn off the auto switch, then turn off the heating and electrical power and air valve button.

4.6.2 Pull out the heating cabinet and drain the water in air collection, clean up the machine.

4.6.3Do production statistics.

4.6.4Must after stopping the machine running for 5min and then cooling.

5、Trouble analysis and removal

(Cup making machine) Usually analyze from 3 aspects: circuit drives gas circuit, parts damage, main trouble is circuit and parts damage.

5.1 Sheet fall off the heating cabinet when feeding

Cause:5.1.1Sheet width is not the same size.

     5.1.2Width of sheet and chain do not match.

5.1.3Chain plate is breakdown and not adjusts the good distance.

5.1.4Too high heating and slower feeding sheet.

 5.1.5Each side of chains loose or tight.


      5.1.6Cutting the below standard sheet.

5.1.7 Adjust to suitable width of chain and pressing plate.

5.1.8Remove the trouble of plate and place the sheet in order.

5.1.9 Pay attention to the feeding sheet and the heating.

5.1.10 Adjust the tightness of both chains.

5.2 Suddenly can’t feeding sheet or hard to feeding

Cause:5.2.1Circuit is poor touch.

     5.2.2Chain off tracking and stuck the chain cover

 5.2.3Chain is stuck.

5.2.4Feeding motor or frequency converter runs fluctuation.


5.2.5Check the wire touch points.

 5.2.6Check gears of chain, chain cover, caterpillar, bearings.

 5.2.7Check the stuck part of the chain and solute it.

5.2.8Check motor、converter’s running.

5.3 Mould works abnormally

Cause:5.3.1Circuit in poor touch, and the proximity switch is not good controlling the mould.

 5.3.2Oil pressure is not enough、 lack of hydraulic oil or five fulcrums lack oil cause chock and wear.

 5.3.3Mould installs not correctly, upper and lower mould fold too tight.

      5.3.4Mould plate is not flat and not vertical with the pillars.


5.3.5 Ask monitor for help to solute it.

5.3.6Check oil quantity、pressure、temperature and add oil to five fulcrum, change the wearing parts.

 5.3.7Reinstall the mould correctly.

 5.3.8Flat the mould plate.

5.4 Cup bottom too thin and soft

Cause:5.4.1Stretching position too high or stretching head too small.

 5.4.2Not good matching running action.

5.4.3Temperature is not improper.

5.4.4Mould gas exhaust hole is not good or mould leak.


5.4.5 Adjust the stretching position to about 3/4 of the cup.

5.4.6Observe and adjust the running action.

5.4.7Balance the temperature.

     5.4.8Check exhaust and prevent the mould leak.

5.5 Lines or pattern appears in cup rim.

Cause:5.5.1Stretching is loose

5.5.2Fold mould and forming time do not match.

 5.5.3Mould installs not correctly.

5.5.4Running speed of each side is not the same, such as resistance and jump gear.


 5.5.5Flat the stretching head.

5.5.6Match the folding time and forming delay angle time

5.5.7 Adjust the chain.

5.6 Overweight

Cause:5.6.1Thickness of the sheet uneven and temperature not balanced.

 5.6.2Width of the chain is changeable.

5.6.3Stretching speed not stable.


     5.6.4Confirm sheet thickness.

5.6.5 Properly adjust the chain width.

 5.6.6Properly adjust stretching time.

5.7 Temperature-controlled meter shows it falls, but producing high temperature cups.

Cause:5.7.1Heater with probe damages or drops, no electricity results a decline temperature. In order to keep the setting temperature and keep heating, lead to produce high temperature cup.


     5.7.2Change the heater with probe or connect the wire again.

5.8 Temperature shows on temperature-controlled meter fluctuate with the setting temperature.

Cause:5.8.1Probe is not good touch、oxidation and damage.


 5.8.2Check whether the wire is not good touch or oxidation. If not good touch, connect again; oxidation need to scrape the oxidation layer with wallpaper knife, change the damage heater with prober.

5.9 New changing heater with prober is showed as English letters on the temperature-controlled meter.


Probe wires connect contrary, need to change each other.

5.10 In the process of normal production, suddenly a few cups can’t punching and fall off.

Cause5.10.1Water way of upper cutting plate is blocked, causing the water no free and increase upper cutting heating. So the heating inflate the upper cutting and increase the gap with lower cutting, thereby can’t punching and fall off freely.

5.10.2Five fulcrums and pillars lack of lubricate oil and heavy resistance, stroke doesn’t reach the designed position, thus can’t punching and fall off freely.

5.10.3Folding large pump and mould stopping proximity switch don’t stop in a suitable position.

5.10.4Small and big pump’s oil pressures not enough.

5.10.5Open and fold mould for punching time is too short.


 5.10.6Clear upper cutter water way to freely flow.

 5.10.7Add lubricate oil to five fulcrums and pillars.

5.10.8 Adjust folding large pump and mould stopping proximity switch to stop in a suitable position

5.10.9 Ask production monitor or manager for help, not to adjust by yourself, especially you don’t know the solution, may burn the motor.

5.10.10Extension time of the punching

6. Standard output

Diameter of cup rim is 38mm, 24-28moulds/min

Diameter of cup rim is 48mm, 22-26moulds/min

Diameter of cup rim is 62mm, 20-25moulds/min

Diameter of cup rim is 80mm, 18-24moulds/min

7. Machine loss

7.1 Normally, no loss for cup making machine

7.2 If any loss in process of production:

7.2.1If caused by manual operation, the operator should be responsible for it.

7.2.2If caused by machine trouble, must ask the monitor to sign and state cause and solution.

7.2.3If caused by sheet, must ask monitor to sign confirmation and the sheet maker should be responsible for it.

8. Product quality requirements.

All aspects of cup’s temperature must balance、transparency、thickness even、good forming、weight reaches standard、gas hole no rough edge , no lines and pattern on cup body.

9. Relevant document


10 Relevant records

Forming production record

Post ban regulations

1. Forbidden to barefoot or bare arms.

2. Strictly forbidden to stretch any part of body into cutting mould in condition of air and power on.

3. Forbidden to stretching any body parts into running machine, such as five fulcrums、pillars、stretching cylinder, must prevent body parts and closing to be pulled into the chain.

4. Forbidden to put hand into running mould to get cup when machine is running, should check the cup from package.

5. Forbidden to throw knife、stick or screw into mould and transmission parts.

6. Forbidden to stack anything on controlling plate and cup making machine.

7. Forbidden to adjust the stretching height when cup making machine is running.

8. When install or debug mould, speed must be zero.

Observe above regulation:

    Warning: Rule 6&8 (fined 50yuan and copy ban regulations 2times)

    Peccadillo: Rule 1&2&3&7 (fined 100yuan and copy ban regulations 4times)

    Serious offense: (fined 200yuan and copy ban regulations 6times)

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