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收藏(0)LS-1225 Manipulator

LS-1225 Manipulator


A.  Technical parameters:
1. Grab and stacked number: cup making machine forming speed
2. Air pressure: 0.8Mpa 

3. Voltage: 220V/2P

4. Advantage: automatically grab、stack and count

5. Grab and feeding: counting and feeding to the convey belt

B. Main configuration:

1. Machine frame uses international steel and international proximate matter

2. Move controlled by 0.75kw servo driver (Mitsubishi/Japan) controlling servo motor (Mitsubishi), position accurately.

3. Stacker action uses 1kw servo driver (Mitsubishi/Japan) controlling servo motor (Mitsubishi), counting and stacking accurate

4. Magnetic valve uses SMC, instant reaction

5. Material of up and down moving guide way is from HIWIN.

6. Moving controlled by servo motor with synchronous belt, greatly satisfied the speed and accuracy of grabbing and stacking

7. Sucking cup part uses SMC, material is silica gel, better ensure the safety of mould

8. Conveyor uses 0.55kw motor, with counting.


C.  Main configuration of electrical part

1. Moving by servo controller: 0.75kw servo controller (Mitsubishi/Japan) controlling 0.75kw servo motor

2. Stack controlled by servo controller: 1kw servo controller( Mitsubishi/Japan) controlling 1kw servo motor

4. Human-computer interface: move control

5. Connect with cup making machine signal cables: communication line

6. Suck product: SMC vacuum generator

7. Feeding: controlled by 105kw frequency converter

8. Signal、proximity switch: Omron

9. Switch、terminal blocks: Schneider/France




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