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收藏(0)ZGXS-800/1400 Automatic high speed vacuum forming machine
ZGXS-800/1400 Automatic high speed vacuum forming machine

I. Technical parameter:
Machine model ZGXS-800/1400
Applicable material PVC、PP、PET、PE、PS、HIPS and so on
Width of sheet 450-850mm
Thickness of sheet 0.16-2mm
Max. forming size 820*1400mm
Max. forming depth ≤180mm
Total power of machine 76kw
Power of heating cabinet 67kw
Main power of servo motor 3kw
Power supply 380V、50Hz、4lines 3phase
Machine dimension 7000*1520*2500mm
Total weight 4.2ton
Water supply Cooling water of running water
Water consumption 0.6-0.83/h
Air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Air consumption 2000-3000L/min
Vacuum pump 100m3/h
II.ZGXS-800/1400 is our research&design vacuum forming machine, which is applicable for all kinds of coiling block plastic sheet double-side heating, can high speed automatic forming. The machine is widely used for the production of the new generation revolutionary like packaging industry、food industry、electronic industry. Our machine can form different shape exquisite packages and containers and other products that customer required, because this is just one of our forming machine.
III. Production process
Sheet feeding——Preheating——Vacuum compression——Demould——Transecting——Pile up

IV. Configuration of machine
No. Item Amount
A Motor driven feeding sheet 1pcs
B Forming part 1pcs
C Transecting device 1pcs
D Pile up rack 1pcs
E Electric heating cabinet 1pcs

1、   Feeding rack we uses chain driven motor to feed the bundle sheet, which can save labor bundle of maximum diameter of sheet is 800mm. Supporting sheet is driven by chain transmission with double-row roller chain. Reducer motor uses domestic brand- SUPRIOR RV75-100-0.75-4P-B turbine reducer with button start.
Feeding is driven by induction motor with upper and lower rubber roller pneumatic clamping sheet. Clamping cylinder is from Taiwan AIRTAC AGQ50-25B (2pcs). Reducer motor is from SUPRIOR RV50-10-0.37-4P-B3 turbine reducer, proximity switch is from domestic brand.
Stop-starting is automatic controlling, with double-station winding rack and barrel roller. Roller is driven by 4 AirTAC cylinders models are AGQ50-25B, with the feeding machine controlling heating cabinet. Feeding rack is welded by international steel and proximate matter, which has high strength and durability.

2、  Forming part: heating cabinet can move horizontally, which is consisted by upper and lower part. Moving cylinder is fromTaiwanAirTAC SI-63*900; Heating tiles use ceramic heaters, tiles size is122*122, power is 400w. Upper and lower radiation heaters 84pcs*2=168pcs total, divided into 2*7=14lines to control temperature.
Japan/Fuji PID temperature controlling module to control temperature, solid state uses KYOTTO/Taiwan which precise controlling temperature, tolerance <1C° to balance temperature and improve the quality of production.
Heating cabinet upper and lower screw rods can adjust by hand to reach the best radiation heating height to different material heating temperature.
Heating cabinet with heating preservation and insulation device to reduce the heat loss and power consumption when production. Outside the furnace of heating cabinet is consisted by high quality stainless steel.

3、  Forming machine frame is welded by 10# international steel and steel plate.
Upper and lower mould plates are the structure of for pillars made of high quality 40Cr steel tempering process, hard chrome plating outside surface, fine grinding, high rigidity, good guiding and wear resistance, ensure forming precision and using life.
Movement of upper and lower uses Taiwan AirTAC cyclinder, upper is S1-125*400,lower is SG-160*350. Upper and lower are the lifting power-driven structure of adjusting height, single-phase induction motor is Dongli 51K40GN-C, with reducer 5GN-15, making the adjustment more convenient.

4、  Feeding chain uses double row roller chain with tooth, caterpillar uses high quality 40Cr alloy steel, nitriding process, high rigidity and wear resistance.
Fully enclosed structure, caterpillar with cooling device, inner cycle watering, and good cooling and save water. Adopt Japan/Yaskawa servo 4.4kw motor drive with the model SGMGV-30ADC61, with servo controller for monitoring. Model number GKA47-MK-10.56 reducer is special for servo, precise controlling feeding sheet length and cutting.
Caterpillar height is design in low gravity.  Feeding sheet smooth and steady, height can be suitable for human operation and observation.
Width of caterpillar uses screw rod adjusting by hand can fit different widths.

5、  Flexible lower heat board that moving by Taiwan AirTAC  cylinder S1-50*250,between forming mould plate and heating cabinet, upper with fixed cooling water pipe, which can harden the connection, forming stable products.
Sheet fit with mould plate by clamping layer, vacuum forming so that won’t leak, ensure the high quality of product. Clamping layer lifting with 2cyclinders is fromTaiwanAirTAC S1-50*250. Middle clamping layer is controlled by single phase induction motor 51K40GN-C from Dongli, convenient operation.

6、  Production and cooling is driven by 2fans (model number SED150-0.75kw) Hongda, closed type blowing heating. Using 10 adjustable spray faucets, cold water nebulization and condensation to form, make the appearance of product decorative and clear pattern.

7、  Crosscutting rack moves with screw rod by hand operation.
Crosscutting uses blade from Taiwan/AirTAC rodless cylinder RMS-40*1000, linear guiding by slide rail BRH15A-1-L1080-N-Z2.
Upper and lower flexible plate on cutting rack, upper moving controlled by cylinder from Taiwan AirTAC S1-63-125. Loose-leaf style closing uses cylinder AirTAC S1-32-100, reversal unloading and stacking in the winding rack.
V. Electric controlling system
1、  PLC uses Omron/Japan industrial computer controller, with the soft hardware combination of automatic controlling system, which makes the machine more automatic and precision controlling.
2、  Human-computer interface uses Weinview touch screen, which easily for operation and convenient.      
3、  Servo driven is from Japan/Yaskawa 4.4kw servo motor.
4、  Vacuum pump is from BUSCH RAO100F,2.2kw。
5、  Fans use Hongda SED150*2,1.5kw。
6、  Exhaust fan uses Taiwan SUNON,20w。
7、  Worm speed reducer motor is SUPRIOR 0.37kw/ 0.75kw。
8、  Single-phase induction motor is 5IK40CN-C 40w Dongli。
9、  Ceramics heating tile is from Jiangsu 220V.400w。
10、Temperature controller uses PID Fuji controlling module
11、Switch and breaker are TCL。
12、Button and contactor are from France Schneider
13、Proximity switch and intermediate relay are from Japan/Omron,

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