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收藏(0)BZD105-800 Vertical Sheet extruder

BZD105-800 Vertical Sheet extruder


I. Process flow

Extruding – Net changing – Forming and extruding – Three roller calendering – Cooling and margin cutting – Drawing and winding


II. Production parameter:

1. Applicable material: PP. HIPS.KPS

2. Sheet size: fit with 720II cup making machine, thickness 0.28~2mm,

3.Sheet thickness error: ±0.01mm

4. Production capacity: Max. 220kg/h

5. Total power: about 130KW


III. Component of the machine unit

1. SJ110/33 extruder                      1 unit

2. Hydraulic quick net-changing device       1set

3. Pull-code T-die                         1 pcs

4. Vertical three-roller calender             1 unit

5. Cooling and margin cutting device (with leftover material winding)       1set

6. Drawing and winding device             1 set

7. Electric control cabinet                1 unit


IV. Detail of the machine unit

1. Extruder

 (1) Screw diameter: Φ105, Ratio of L/D: 33:1

 (2)Material of the screw and its barrel: 38CrMoAlA, nitrided steel, thickness of nitride layer 0.4~0.6mm, hardness of surface HV850~920

 (3) Max rotational speed of the screw: 78r/min

 (4) Motor power: model 280M-55KW-6

 (5) Motor speed adjustment form: 55kw frequency (EURA)

 (6) Gear reducer: Model:ZLYJ-280-10-V Vertical high-strength harden gear surface and bevel gear reducer with oil cooler (GUOTAI)

 (7) Transmission manner: Motor and the reducer are connected by a coupler to achieve transmission

 (8) Heater: extruding barrel adopts 5pcs stainless steel heater, stainless fan cover, 6pcs cooling fans  

(9)Heating power:65×7.2kw=36kw,cooling fan:5×0.25kw=1.25kw

2. Plate-type double station hydraulic quick net-changing device

 (1)Energy storage tank and hydraulic station, oil pump motor power2.2kw

 (2)Hydraulic system element adopts Taiwan brand.

 (3)Net changing adopts the flexible expansion seal ring, not reliable material, with pressure sensors and pressure display.

3. Pull code extruding die   

 (1) T-die structure: T pull code type three adjustable precision die, available width 750mm, inside heater, with block to adjust width of sheet.

 (2) T-die material: 40Cr high quality Steels, processed by quenching and tempering, Surface nitrides and hard chrome and polished, flow channel smooth, die lip opening and closing even, shunt regulating smooth, low energy consumption.

 (3)Die heating power: 12kw

4. Vertical calendar

 (1) Roller size: Φ350×800 mirror roller, 3pcs.

 (2) Roller structure: three-layer structure. The cooling flow channel adopts cross and convective way. Cooling water come in and out through two ends of roller. Surface of roller is treated by quenching and tempering as well as IF and

hardness reaches HRC52~56. Roller surface: Plated by hard chrome. Thickness of plated chrome layer 0.08~0.10mm.  Roughness of mirror surface Ra≤0.4μm

 (3) Roller precision: Radius run-out ≤0.006mm, Cylindricity≤0.006mm

 (4)Transmission: The oblique gear reducer (GR87-4kw-63.96) transmission by the chain, synchronous drive three roller rotation

 (5.) Control form: independent controlled by 4kw frequency (EURA)

 (6) Distance adjustment of rollers: distance of rollers can be adjusted by the close and open of worm wheel and worm as well as fine adjustment structure of lead screw and tapered block.

 (7)Longitudinal movement: electrical movement and location device and work with reducer and motor (RV50-100-0.25KW).

5. Cooling and margin cutting device

 (1)Cooling part is made of Auxiliary cooling roller φ180×800mm 1set and Aluminum alloy guide roller φ60×800mm, 6 sets.

 (2) Handing cutting device 1 set

(3)margin waste material Winding  1 set

6. Drawing and winding device

 (1) Drawing and winding device power: gear reducer: GR67-2.2KW-32.27(GUOTAI), 3KW frequency (EURA), control with three rollers

 (2)Drawing steel rollerΦ200×800 1set, pressing rollerΦ200×800 1set.

 (3) Friction winding device   1set

7. Electrical control cabinet

 (1) Extruder, three rollers calendar and winding device control by EURA frequency

 (2) Temperature control sections: 5 sections for extruder barrel, 1 section for net-changing device, 1 section for

transitive flow channel, 5 sections for T-die. It totals 12


 (3) Temperature controller adopts FUJI controller with PID adjustment, Control accuracy ±1O C.

 (4) Middle relay, contactor, button switch and travel switch all adopt China famous brand.

 (5) Air switch, ammeter, voltmeter, K-type thermocouple, mutual inductor, transfer switch all adopts famous Chinese brand.

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