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收藏(0)800 Clamp to send sheet Crusher

800 Clamp to send sheet Crusher

I、Machine functions and features

1、A pair of knurl roller at the entrance of crusher, which can unwind the bundled sheet with rotating and      then feed to the hopper for crushing.

2、Can work with the thermoforming machine for crusher directly, which can save labor force.

3. Crushing hopper uses hob rotation like mixing propeller, faster、even granula and more effective.


II、Machine structure

Machine welded by plate, consist of  frame、hopper、mesh and storage tank.

1. Machine frame inner installs the fixed blade cutting with rotating main-axis blade to crush sheet. Driven     by 30kw motor.

2. Knurling rollers at the entrance of hopper and crusher: lower roller transmission by reducer and motor, upper pressure roller feeding sheet by cylinder,low feeding sheet to crusher.

3. Mesh storage with out feeding material way: throgh auxiliary equipment--helix hopper--storage-package.

4. Without auxiliary equipment, under the mesh is out feeding material hopper, then package.


III. Main parameters:

1. Machine dimension: 1800×1800×2250(mm)

2. Voltage: 380V 50HZ

3. Air pressure: 0.5mpa/0.2 cubic meter

4. Motor power:30kw


四、Machine Internal cleaning operation.

When changing different color sheets,We need to open the hopper,Understand the debris in the toolbox。 Operation steps

1、Release the feed hopper of back strap.

2、Rotary support feeding hopper positive and reverse screw handwheel,The hopper slowly opened,Show the hob box,Remove the remaining debris.

3、Clean up,

Turn the handwheel,Return hopper reset,The locking clasp is back in operation.

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