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收藏(0)Water spray sheet forming machine/Full automatic filling machine

LS130-110Automatic thermoforming machine for high-speed water spraying sheet

.Technical parameters

unit type


Handle material


Maximum width of sheet


Sheet thickness range


Fastest molding times


Maximum forming area


Maximum molding depth


Total machine power

About 135kw

The whole machine size


Power supply specification

380Vthree-phase four-wire

total weight

About 10T

source of water

Cooling water or tap water

source gas



二.The host characteristics

1. The forming group is connected with the cross cutting tool holder, which is suitable for thermoplastic negative pressure forming of various types of sheet materials, especially for the negative pressure forming of the condenser.

2. There are repeated sections in the design of machine and matched mold. Products each version of the joint does not produce lines.

3. The working die table shall be applicable to the maximum width of 1100x length of 1300mm, and shall be applicable to the area of 1000*1250 after shearing of products.

三.Sheet production process

→ plastic sheet feeding → preheating → negative pressure molding → stripping → crosscutting.

四.equipment composition

The serial number




put sheet  piece  frame



Molding machine



crosscutting machine



Waste side coiler



Electrical control system



五.machine composition

A. put sheet  piece  frame:

● pneumatic lift, reduce the labor intensity of the operator. The cylinder USES Taiwan yadeka cylinder SC125*450, with a maximum diameter of 1000mm.

● the upper and lower steel clamping rod is used for electric feeding, and the rolling roller induction drive motor is used for feeding. The clamp adopts Taiwan yadeke SI40*50. The reduction motor adopts domestic brand swift rell rv063-0.75-4p-25-b3 turbo reducer. The touch switch adopts international flat brand proximity switch. Automatic start and stop control.

● the lifting frame adopts the combination of national standard section steel and profile. High strength and durability.

B. molding machine:

● the heating furnace adopts the upper and lower furnace structure, and the whole furnace can be withdrawn horizontally. The withdrawal furnace cylinder adopts Taiwan yadeke SI63*1200.

● ceramic radiant heater is used for heating tiles, model 122*122, heating power 400W, a total of 99*2=198 pieces. Min 2*9=18 road temperature control. Temperature control adopts Fuji PID to adjust temperature control. Solid state USES Taiwan ukitt. Precisely control the temperature of plastic sheet, make the temperature of plastic sheet even, improve the quality of plastic sheet.

● the upper and lower screw rods of the heating electric furnace can be manually adjusted to the optimal radiation heating height of plastic sheets, which is suitable for heating bands of various materials.

● heat insulation device, in the production process can reduce heat loss, reduce power consumption.

● the external structure of electric furnace is made of high quality stainless steel.

● the frame is welded with national standard 100*100 square pipe.

● the die table is made of QT500 pearlescent ductile iron, with medium and high strength, medium toughness and plasticity, high comprehensive performance, good abrasion resistance and vibration reduction, good casting process performance.

● the opening and closing of die sets adopts hydraulic control. Brand cylinder 110*151 two.

● joint venture brand of hydraulic solenoid valve, domestic brand of hydraulic oil pump and cooler.

● the hydraulic motor is controlled by 15KW and 2.2kw pumps.

● the tablet feeding device adopts closed chain rail transport, chain rail USES high quality alloy steel nitriding treatment, with high strength, good wear resistance and other advantages.

● plate feeding drive adopts yaskawa 2.9 servo motor and controller from Japan, and the deceleration ratio is 10:1, so as to accurately control the length of plate feeding and cutting.

● chain rail width with manual screw adjustment, so as to adapt to different product width.

● guide column lubrication system and upper and lower five fulcrum lubrication using automatic grease lubrication system.

● forming using negative pressure molding. Vacuum pump adopts the original vacuum pump imported from Germany BUSCH puxu RA0100F, with a power of 2.2kw.

● the upper mould table is adjusted by electric automatic mould adjusting device, and the mould reducing gear motor is adjusted by Taiwan dongli pl40-2200-100s3-b.

● the adjustment of the upper die platform adopts chain series, which controls the synchronous lifting of the die platform.

● molding upper and lower working platform are configured with positive and negative pressure vent, for negative pressure blister molding, (according to customer needs can be configured with positive pressure blow molding). Blow up and down.

● molding upper and lower working platform are configured with positive and negative pressure vent, for negative pressure blister molding, (according to customer needs can be configured with positive pressure blow molding). Blow up and down.

● the five fulcrum adopts 45# carbon steel forgings, and the pin shaft adopts 40Cr alloy steel forgings. High strength, torque resistance, wear resistance.

● the five fulcrum guide shaft adopts 45# chrome-plated shaft to ensure that the five fulcrum is not offset and the reliability of mold closing is stable.

● guide column of die set is made of P20 forgings, with four guide columns, stable and reliable.

● the oil cylinder control of mold platform opening and closing adopts Japanese omron proximity switch.

● hot seal plate opening and closing using Taiwan yadeke SI50*150.

C. crosscutting machine:

● the crosscutting frame adopts national standard section steel and national standard profile combination.

● materials used conveyor belt after collection of products. PVC strip conveyor belt. Transfer motor rv050-0.37-4p-30-b3 boler turbo speed reducer.

● the transverse cutting frame adopts shangyin hg25ca-1500 linear guide rail to guide and adjust the advance and retreat manually.

● a cutting blade is configured to drive the blade using osp-p32-1100, a strawless cylinder of Germany.

● slitting with 3 blades, can be split, can cut edge. Using German FESTO stem - less cylinder OSP-P32-1300 drive blade.

● slitting guide adopts hg25ca-1500 linear guide in Taiwan.

● the cross-cutting press adopts Taiwan yadeke cylinder si63-80.

● oil buffer adopts Taiwan yadeke ACA2040

D. waste side coiler:

● installation combination with crosscutting machine. Reasonable structure, simple, save space.

● equipped with 2 sets of waste side coiling device, so as to replace the reel without stopping the machine. Easy to operate and simple.

● coiling drive motor is 60WJSCC international brand reduction gear motor.

● the take-up device is up and down device.

E. Electrical control system:

● HMI adopts Taiwan vinylon touch screen.

● PLC adopts Japanese omron industrial computer controller.

● yaskawa servo motor is used for servo drive

● temperature control meter using Fuji PID temperature control module, more accurate temperature control.

TCL switches and circuit breakers.

● button, contactor are French schneider.

● proximity switches and intermediate relays use Japanese omron.

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